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A Go-to System to Tackle Boredom

There’s always time for fun and finding your freedoms.

Do you ever get bored of doing the same thing during your free time?

I get it. Many people plan their lives around having time off on the weekends rather than adding bursts of fun through out the week, if possible.

A few barriers people face when trying to get out of their comfort zone are doing the unusual for you and being spontaneous.

What about.... comedy shows, ice skating, bowling, paintball, museums, painting class, cooking class, improv class, nighttime or daytime picnic, sporting games, spa, disk golf, skiing, archery range, roller skating, spoken word/poetry jams, horseback riding, plays, concerts, traveling, sewing class, dancing, shopping, different cuisines/restaurants, reading, hiking, pottery class, and more.

Also, money is often a barrier to people getting out of their comfort zone. So, here is my go-to system for tackling boredom: 4 jars!

  1. Free!

  2. Under $25

  3. Around $100

  4. Vacations

I add activities or interests from suggestions, scrolling online, clients sharing in session, dreams, wish list of firsts, etc. These activities can be done solo or as a group activity - near or far.

The next time you think about walking through your favorite local store on a Friday night and watching reruns of your favorite comedy, head to jars #1, #2 and #3 and be spontaneous. Live out loud! Be safe.


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