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Aventon E-bike & Wellness Benefits

Biking is my time for reflection and restoration of energy

Dominique smiling with sunglasses on standing in front of a Aventon e-bike

As an avid traveler, I'm always looking for ways to save on transportation (within reason and based on distance), especially when out of the country.

Oftentimes, I travel to hot destinations for 3 to 4 weeks at a time for workations or winter getaways. So, to help with the cost of transportation locally and internationally, I bought a 2023 Aventon Sinch.2 Electric Bike. I love it!

When I travel internationally, my plan is to ship this e-bike to my location. Based on my research so far, the shipping price is around $250 to $300. I'll share about this in another blog.

2023 Aventon Sinch.2

I bought this e-bike from Indian Motorcycle® of Racine and couldn't beat the price. In fact, the color matches my car which is Quicksilver, Sapphire.

Dominique standing looking to the right while holding her dog Moomba and smiling, clear blue skies



  • Bought front basket which I had installed

  • The look is sleek and eye-catching

  • USB port to chart your phone and sync to the Aventon app

  • 4" fat tires to give more stability when riding on different surfaces

  • Front headlight with turn signal

  • Adjustable height of seat and handlebars

  • Can shift to multiple gears while in motion

  • 4 levels of pedal assist (eco, tour, sport and turbo)

  • Up to 50 miles in range on one full battery

  • Fast charging battery which can be removed

  • Easy pedaling (should it run out of battery)

  • Rear rack to hold a bag or backpack (use bungee cords to secure)

  • Real-time metrics such as speed, battery life and pedal assist level


  • No clip to secure the bike when it's folded in half (can use a bungee cord)

  • Handlebars don't come off when folding

  • No bell or horn (can buy it separately)

  • Speed only gets to 20 mph (which isn't horrible for it's style and purpose)

Safety Gear

Safety first! When riding on residential streets, be sure to follow all driver-motorist rules. In my city, we have designed bicycle lanes on the streets which gives me space to be seen by drivers.

For my helmet, I wore the brand Thousand which fits perfectly, is lightweight and it's safety-certified. Also, it has an LED tail light and a lockable pop lock when it needs to be secured. So what about my hair? The helmet gives my hair (which is in sister locs) good ventilation and cooling on warmer days.

Moomba a Yorkie dog sitting in the basket on an Aventon E-Bike

Oh, don't worry, Moomba (my 5.5 lb. Yorkie) has her dog helmet for safety.

For eye protection, I alternate between a cute pair of UV-protected sunglasses and the Kapvoe Photochromic Cycling Glasses which has UV protection and doesn't fog.

10 Health Benefits of Cycling

While there are tons of mental and physical benefits of cycling, here are a few. Remember, this is not mental health or medical advice. Please speak with your medical team before riding.

Mental Health Benefits:

  1. Stress Relief: Cycling promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.

  2. Mental Resilience: Overcoming physical challenges builds mental toughness.

  3. Meditative Escape: Riding provides a calming escape from daily stressors.

  4. Stress Coping: Bicycling is a healthy way to manage and release stress.

  5. Self-Reflection: Cycling offers a chance for problem-solving and personal growth.

Physical Health Benefits:

  1. Cardiovascular Health: Cycling boosts heart health and lowers heart disease risk.

  2. Muscle Strength: Biking builds leg muscles and strengthens the lower body.

  3. Weight Management: Cycling burns calories, aiding weight control.

  4. Joint Health: It's joint-friendly and suitable for various fitness levels.

  5. Balance and Coordination: Cycling enhances balance and coordination with regular practice.

Happy riding on your Aventon Electric Bike!


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