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Space for Sistas Google Form Banners (15).png
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Elevating our identities through a culturally attuned space, wellness strategies and sisterhood.

What is Sista Summit?

Calling all phenomenal Black women and girls - persons with lived experiences and service providers for a half-day experience. Our summit is a multigenerational event designed to elevate our identities through workshops for the mind, body and spirit. We strive to be an impactful space ranging from cradle to career. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience where growth, empowerment and self-discovery is the vibe.

What to expect?

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Meet Your Host

Dr. Dominique Pritchett

Founder & Podcast Host, Space for Sistas

Born to challenge the status quo, Dr. Dominique Pritchett is a mental wellness strategist, speaker, therapist and podcaster. 

She is the owner of Beloved Wellness Center™ as well as the founder and podcast host of Space for Sistas™  centering the experiences of Black women and girls.

As a strategist and international speaker, Dr. Dominique collaborates with companies to prioritize mental wellness solutions before (or after) a crisis. 

She has been featured locally, nationally and internationally on BBC London Radio, Shondaland, Women’s Health Magazine, The New York Times, TMJ4 News and many more.

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