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Advocating for Black women and girls to dream, decide and do.

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What's your self-advocacy type?

Take the Space for Sistas Self-Advocacy Quiz to discover what's keeping you at peace or panic when it comes to elevating your voice. 

Self-advocacy aka speaking up for yourself is a journey. 

Our quiz identifies your self-advocacy type. Then, it helps you reflect and identify what you and other women like you are going through — and lays out specific actionable steps you need to grow from one type to the next or maintain. 

Through self-advocacy there is a greater chance of harmony in life by feeling seen, supported and psychologically safe.


Space for Sistas is a wellness community advocating for Black women and girls to dream, decide and do what's necessary to live well.

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At Space for Sistas, we provide wellness-based inspiration, information and initiatives for Black women and girls to become the best version of themselves without sacrificing their identity.


We provide personal and professional development services through trainings, workshops, mindset coaching, podcasting and curated experiences to transform your wellness goals. You deserve to be seen, supported and safe. 


Whenever it's necessary especially in diverseless spaces. We offer support at various levels of intervention - primary, secondary and tertiary. We are determined to start at an early age and prevent later in life challenges. 

Why We Do It

"Tens of thousands of Black girls and women go missing every year. Last year, that figure was nearly 100,000. Yet their cases hardly ever grab national headlines... often-untold stories."

— NPR, 2021; Our Black Girls, 2021

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The Space for Sistas Podcast is like going to brunch and getting all the deets about life, lessons learned and leveling up.


New episodes drop weekly.

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A uniquely curated community for Black women who are ready to dream, decide and do what's necessary to live well. 

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